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Taiwan tourism will bid farewell to the low group
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Travel from Taiwan to now almost no open season. Open to mainland residents traveling to Taiwan for two years, as the market hot, the mainland has always crowds of tour groups, but the source generally older, "Chitose group" And to access non-standard and other issues led to two short years, the Taiwan tour price drop, travel agents, getting smaller and smaller profit margins. While Taiwan's travel market need changes, Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange 2010 Roundtable held these days in Taiwan, the Taiwan Association of Travel Agents said the free exercise of Taiwan tour is expected to be on the agenda of next fastest Was opened, there may be in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Chongqing early trial, free exercise of low-cost market structure will be changed, but also a challenge to Taiwan tourism industry. Scenic half month tour Jianglangshan Since the World Heritage area in Zhejiang Province after Jianglangshan, first announced two weeks free of charge, and announced yesterday, from now until August 31 only, original price of the area 60 tickets, half price for concessions, received only 30 yuan. Zhejiang Zhuji Sheng, Secretary General of Tourism, said: Now the domestic area of high fares has been a common phenomenon, and now a number of tourists to the place after reading, given the emotion is "the first time and last time To "greatly affected the tickets is too high the interest of tourists, is daunting. Tourism economy is not the ticket economy, to protect World Heritage sites, the development, the public can understand, but not the only way to price increases. It is understood that Jianglangshan is the first in a series of preferential policies after the World Heritage List of World Natural Heritage Site, is one of the lowest priced tickets for a World Natural Heritage Scenic Area. Freshmen can enjoy discount tickets 3-5 August 16, reporters from Southern Guangxi branch that recently, China Southern Airlines introduced preferential policies for university students, the students graduating students this year to buy on August 20th to September 26th between the ticket, can enjoy 3 to 5 fold concessions. Southern Guangxi Branch area, said the new 2010 graduating students and their parents, with college and universities over the admission notice, account (or district offices to provide proof of kinship), to purchase Buy August 20 ~ September 26 between the Southern way or round-trip discount domestic air tickets, discount tickets are in the range of 3 to 5 fold. In addition to air ticket discounts, China Southern also provided for each new free baggage allowance of 40 kilograms (normal by Customers can only enjoy a free baggage allowance 20 kg). "Super bacteria" yet of the global spread of outbound travel agents said Recently, the "super bacteria" NDM-1 of the report attracted a lot of attention, but the reporter learned this morning from a number of travel agencies, domestic to find "super bacteria" tour infected countries has not been affected. British media reported that, in India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries, the emergence of a "super bacteria" NDM-1, for almost all antibiotics are resistant, some experts claim that this new Xijun all possible variants of genes Global spread. Allegedly, this mutated gene has now spread bacteria to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and other countries, currently more than 170 people have been infected worldwide "super bacteria" NDM-1. CYTS consultation morning news, Shenzhou International Travel and many other travel agencies, travel agents, staff said that the countries were found to be infected by the travel was not affected at present, and have had no withdrawal group received the relevant notification. Chongqing launched a number of "Canyon Searching for" tourism products This summer, many travel agencies in Chongqing launch of the "Canyon Searching for" tourism products to cool and pleasant, affordable advantage, recognized by tourists. It is reported that Chongqing "Canyon Searching for" tourist day trips products are divided into two types of visits and summer day tour, priced at 200 yuan and 400 yuan. "Canyon Searching for" destination both Wulong Fairy Hill, and Pine Valley Tianshengqiao Stone Forest, Black Mountain Valley and other well after years of increasingly well-known to create Canyon area, also developed in recent years, the original ecological Aida River Gorge. Office of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Tourism market introduction, with the temperatures continue to rise and travel agents to promote efforts to increase the product, more and more tourists to Chongqing, select the "Probe into canyon."
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