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Inner Mongolia museum sees notice freely
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-------Former museum

-----New museum

Open house time:

Zhou Er is opened freely to weekday, zhou Yiquan day closes a shop (the country is legal holiday except) .

The summer: 9: 00—17:30

Winter: 9:30—17:00

Get ticket idea:

Secure period of time to extend to visit certificate freely to public limitation everyday, specific extend measure is as follows:

● divides a period of time to face limitation of social collectivity public to extend to visit certificate freely everyday 3000 pieces;

● everyday early 9: 00—11: 00, extend visiting certificate 1500 pieces; 13: 00—14: 00, extend visiting certificate 1000 pieces;

15: 00—16: 00 extend visiting certificate 500 pieces. The audience is in Inner Mongolia museum temporarily exhibition hall booking office gets visiting ticket by order, be restricted to get 3 pieces each.

Civilization visits a note:

1, the audience enters museum by visiting certificate, visiting certificate is restricted only effective that day;

2, the safety for cultural relic, do not use the lighting equipment such as flashlight to film please cultural relic;

3, the person that children, aged body reachs action inconvenience infirmly should be accompanied by the person that guard look around;

4, madman, drunk wine person, sloppily dressed the person that carry pet declines inside;

5, smoke in public circumstance, spit everywhere, throw in disorder sundry, make a racket reach have violate the uncivilized act such as administrative regulations, the museum environment with grace is unworthily;

6, museum belongs to every citizen, cherishing public property and exhibition establishment is our responsibility and obligation;

7, the goods that makes menace to cultural relic and person does not take an exhibition hall please, the article that the audience carries can be deposited freely, there is par drink to sell inside the exhibition hall;

8, the supervisory system inside the exhibition hall already open, ask civilization to look around;

9, this academy is service collect fees the project all is carried out by the relevant specification of municipal prices bureau, ask you to need to choose to consume according to oneself.

Take car course:

Can take inside city 2, 3, 16, 27, 53, 59, 67, 75 wait for a bus to reach Inner Mongolia museum

The organization makes an appointment:
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