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Su Lu ingot, the army emblem that becomes Jisaihan
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Su Lu ingot is Cheng Jisai sweat vexillary or army emblem! Also be Mongolia Ares is reincarnate! Ingot implied meaning wears Su Lu conquer everything! Allegedly, the golden account book that becomes Jisaihan (big writing is auditive) wear all the year round in four-wheel giant on wooden car. At night, cover ox of on thirty-nine thousand one hundred and ninety-seven 牤 , go very smooth; By day, cover horse of on thirty-nine thousand one hundred and ninety-seven castrate or spay, run particularly light. What there is one lever black on the car is vexillary, also call black hair big, the Wu Jinqi of pike form supports, as the change of cold hot weather of the four seasons, showing red, yellow, blue, white, black burnish. The Wu Jinqi of this pike form supports, call Su Lu ingot. More than 700 years, it saves Mongolia Yi inside to overcome clear alliance all the time Yinjin Huo Luo place; Today, its identity with national treasure, before desk of hold a memorial ceremony for of the hall after revealing what think of sweat hill into auspicious.
About Su Lu ingot, yin Jin Huoluo is circulating a lot of beautiful fokelore. White sound Meng He, Shengbule tells about just be among them:
Fabulous, when becoming discipline the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, after taking lost battle into Jisaihan, he has undertaken to 100 thousand Ba Telu officers and soldiers “ soldier's morale seems the speech of iron ” .
Say into Jisaihan: Heart ought to iron, bone ought to charcoal, bosom ought to furnace, blood ought to sweat!
The speech arrives all the time the day is black, spoke a star, tell gave a moon. When him soldier's morale of “ of hair answer say is like iron, ” of impel the world when, see a giant star is delimiting a rainbow falls in half sky again; Making sparkle again, putting glorious to stop on one person. Into Jisaihan instruction attendants is begged quickly come, see happy. Attendants station is taken on horseback, because pass to be heated up with broil, must not stretch his hand, more not dare goggle, be forced Zhang Xia horseback.
Become Jisaihan to want: This thing is like a star to be not a star, be like lance to be not lance, inverted image intimate of a millions of people, coming loose hot, giving off light. Think consider is worn, I need the vigilance of fetch is constant, command its are left, right, medium army general is acting he takes. Say: Who can be my fetch, can give him half sweat. Then, double genu of Zun Jun general falls on his knees, the hand holds blue sky in the palm to be about to change with the heart, as a result the aureola of this belt rises on half sky again. Cheng Jisai sweat is urgent again and again rub. Ling Youjun general goes taking, right army general and assorted pray, the hand holds breadth of mind in the palm, express devotional, result aureola also disappeared, in making again into Jisaihan army general goes taking. In army general mouth contains a sword, wine washs both hands, beg with lachrymal photograph, represent a heart in order to die sincere, as a result Lian Guangliang also disappeared. Get urgently into Jisaihan again and again stamp, sweat also appears came.
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