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Nadam Fair congress- - the grand activity on the prairie
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Nadam FairIt is the has bright people characteristic and full-bodied area characteristic traditional activity that people of the Monggol nationality loves, it is the annual traditional grand meeting on the prairie, also be the festival of joy of people of the Monggol nationality. Its predecessor is the Monggol nationality " Ao of hold a memorial ceremony for is wrapped " , it is Mongolia nation is in long-term nomad life, create and circulate come down have project of project of athletics of individual people colorific and entertainment, sports. The activity of traditional folk-custom culture that Nadam Fair has extensive of a mass character and amusement has extensive, deep culture intention, reflected the viewpoint of value of Mongolia nation and aesthetic view. Nadam Fair is in more of fertilizer of sheep of grass green Hua Gong, Ma Zhuang 7, in August, or with be being checked (village collect) , brazilwood (area rural area) for the unit, or hold for the unit with banner county.   
ContemporaryNadam FairCongress, except have a man outside 3 athletics, still added the new content such as show of polo, horsemanship, track and field, film, modern drama, a Nei Monggol revolutionary cultural troupe on horseback, hold communication of goods and materials at the same time, commend advanced. Nadam Fair most is in the summer 7, will hold August. At the appointed time the festival of dress of herdsman of the Monggol nationality of far and near is full-dress, come round to take part in the match or be watched in succession.

Nadam FairOn congress, horse race also is a very absorbing activity. Person of the Monggol nationality is grown on horseback, having special feeling to the horse. Horse race needs not only ferial Ma Xunde minute of very skilled, ten handy, and should have adept, excellent equitation and tenacious and bold and powerful mind. When the match, caballero people wear Mongolia robe, boots of Mongolia of sufficient pedal tall canister, the head plunges into colour towel, waist bundle colored ribbon, spirited, heroic bearing valiant. Tens of be equal to the horse stands on the scratch line, your gun rings, as leaving the arrow of bowstring, try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, gallop ahead. Competition ground boils immediately rise. The first horse develops terminus, people sings beautiful paean immediately.

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