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Mongolia horse---The good associate of the Monggol nationality
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Mongolia be brought up on horseback as a child, what adage of the Monggol nationality of no less than says in that way: The song is wing, the horse is companion is become. No matter go out,depasture, remove turn field, still pass information, visit one's family visit friend, even marriage is waited a moment, want equestrian go finishing. The horse is having very important place in their production and life. They also left special feeling because of this and Ma Jie, they love a horse very, inspect a horse to be jewellery even. In their memory, the horse is very divine animal. They advocate horse, with equestrian analogy person, left a lot of praising poetic word name of the horse sentence, adage. Give a horse name the demit that also was full of admiration, if recall horse of wind horse, horse drifting the cloud, white dragon horse, green dragon, a horse that covers a thousand li a day,wait. Because love a horse, a few red-letter days about the horse still were formed on the prairie, like mare's milk section, hit mane section to wait.

Camel, disposition is docile, easy domestic, be able to bear or endure thirsty, cold-resistant heat, be apt to wades, can load. Already milk, flesh, downy, but battle is used, a suit holds 4 kinds of utility concurrently, it is other cattle place not as good as. Inner Mongolia western area camel is very much, mongolia words call it " spy not " , it is herdsman people indispensable traffic carries a tool. Can ride by, but carry cargo. Its body 23 meters tall, the leg is very long, stride one pace to be able to amount to a meter many far, can day travel just a little 100 unit of distance. Trudge lasts long, and negative gravity is quite big. Can carry 200 kilograms of goods, be equivalent to the negative weight of a courser and bicephalous bullock. The beauty that has " of " the ship of the desert since ancient times praise, it is the freight brunt of desert area. Today, although had the modern liaison man such as plane, train, car to carry a tool, but the special mission that the camel still does not break it. Be in Inner Mongolia the library cloth western its, the desert region such as Mao Wusu, covey team camel often loads here go on a long journey, blast blast camel bell often comes out from inside desert. Prospecting team check is desert, afforest of the team that treat sand is desert, tourism group roam is desert, only that turns up that nose at desert camel just is their fidelity not the associate of change.

Will to Inner Mongolia sightseeing travel, must experience the fun on horseback and hump.

Mongolia horse results from prairie, promote at the war, decline now. However, the brilliant history of Mongolia horse and Mongolia joint creation

Reach ethos, will be born be born not to cease, perpetuation through the ages.
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