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Amorous feelings of prairie travel folk-custom
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Nadam Fair
Mongolia language is the meaning of “ recreation ” or “ game ” , it is the assembly of of a mass character of tradition of the Monggol nationality. The many gold in the prairie is seasonal, summer, autumn is held. Nadam Fair congress has the athletics competition such as tumble, archery, horse race, hold large singing and dancing even the evening party and a variety of sport activities, spectacle is particularly enthusiastic and great.
Ao of hold a memorial ceremony for is wrapped
Ao Bao is the place that has deities, the old tradition that is be current of Mongolia nation folk is consuetudinary, mongolia in the high mountain wilderness overgrown with grass of upland, forest, Jiang Hexi flows to pile base Ao to include with stone travel is sacred. Sacred when, a few lis are the herdsman with consummate far a hunderd li people should take oblation to come, cense before Ao Bao eulogy classics, deities of invocatory heaven and earth falls blessing world, bless person cultivate two flourishing.
Display hada
Displaying hada is herdsman of the Monggol nationality greets the ceremony that sends a guest. When displaying hada, master both hands is holding hada in both hands, the congratulate with lucky chant gives guest, visitors should leave face the person that display hada to hear congratulatory speech, when accepting hada small forward bend forward double hand joins the body palm at the bosom before in order to show gratitude.
The hand gathers up the flesh
The hand gathers up the flesh is prairie herdsman most the food that like is fed, also be their entertainment guest's indispensable food. To the prairie travel does not eat a hand to gather up the flesh calculates did not appreciate a prairie completely to feed common gust and appeal, herdsman need not the hand gathers up the flesh receives a visitor, cannot convey completely from already intention. The everybody when edible is surrounded sit together, hold a knife single-handed, take the flesh single-handed, the pork is fresh and not the smell of mutton, fat and not be bored with.
Bake complete sheep
Baking complete sheep is the valuable name dish on honoured guest of entertainment of the Monggol nationality and gaudy, lubricious fragrance has fine, have a distinctive flavour, because banquet is,get a name with whole sheep make it. Grand ceremony should be held before enjoying, sing loudly paean, jing Xiantian, ground, ancestor, the everybody after the ceremony finishs is enjoyed jointly.

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