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Tea with milk- - good spouse of life of the Monggol nationality
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Good spouse of life of the Monggol nationality, tea with milk Brief introductionTea with milk also calls Mongolia tea, yesThe Monggol nationalityHerdsman lives daily in indispensableBeverage. Place of tea with milk usesTeaYesBlue bricks tea. Brick teaContain richVitamin C, Chan Ning, Protein, acerbity, Scent is oilyWait for human body mustNutritionComposition. Tea with milk includes the harbor type tea with milk with the most popular nowadays / filar socks tea with milk / black tea of bubble of tea with milk of an affectionate couple, fruit juice, snow, ice / black tea of green tea, bubble / green tea, flavor tea drink, cruel is happy case of aspic, actor 8 old series 200 breed.
PracticeFirst tea dolly, put into Bai Shui boiler to boil. After boiled water is burned, boil when tea is stronger, after scooping up tea with strainer, continue to burn moment again, and the side side that boil uses spoon raise boiled water, after waiting for its to condense somewhat, rejoin is right amount brightMilkOrMilk powder, the raise that use spoon blends to tea breast, again boil becomes the tea with milk of fragrant fragrance namely.  
SampleSample the actor bad of tea with milk also is mixed with dark brown, aroma, configuration taste 4 respects undertake, and need is fine fine sample, ability experiences the beauty that tastes to its quite. Should boil the tea with milk that gives person of sweet ooze of one pot alcohol, outside the quality stand or fall that divides tea itself, water quality, duration, breed with tea bos is very important also. Say commonly, goluptious tea with milk is not breasts has been jumped over more more, ought to be tea breeds scale comparatives, have the faint scent of tea already, the of one's own accord that has a grandma again is crisp, both slants more little taste is bad. Still have, after tea with milk has been boiled, should immediateness and drinkable or fill at hot water crock in order to have drinkable, because inside boiler put time grew, boiler rust affects the color of tea with milk, sweet, taste.  
Tea with milk is drunk to want to add touch in most place
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