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Bake complete sheep, the Monggol nationality is xenial and highest courteous rec
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Baking complete sheep is a kind of tradition of Inner Mongolia and the dinner customer cate that has distinctive local color, entertaining a guest with whole sheep so is one of history of the Monggol nationality is long and very grand highest courteous reception, complete sheep banquet is from yuan board of Dai Gongting drive accedes banquet of a kind of when come down whole sheep, accept favour of clear the court of a feudal ruler quite in clear generation, call " cheat horse banquet " , commonly used will entertain Mongolia princes and dukes. Beautiful of all of its color, sweet, flavour, form, have powerful ethical gust and local distinguishing feature, it is the eat in Mongolia nation is medium honour.

Bake complete Yang Zhi so the name hears far and near, have 3 reasons:

The hotpot character of the first Inner Mongolia is top-ranking, flavour is delicious.

The sheep of Inner Mongolia is God of Inner Mongolia llano puts in a suitable place to breed like that, circle of and rather than is raised; Eating grass is planted li of rich sandiness green and the natural fodder such as all sorts of Chinese herbal medicine; Mongolia highland high height above sea level and chilly climate modelled Inner Mongolia sheep not to have epidemic disease hale constitution; Long-term and drinkable natural mineral water makes the flesh has a kind of special sweet smell character

Of the 2nd Inner Mongolia bake complete sheep to one a complete set of is baked specially formulate a method.

(one) choose makings: The sheep that bake should choose the 4 tine with fat fat strong put oneself in another's position 3 years old sheep makes raw material (2) butcher: (1) slaughter a sheep not to wipe ovine neck. Must use the method that grasp a heart: From bosom make sb the first aim of attack of the sheep, handle extends ovine antrum, grasp hold its the heart is deadly (2) slaughter a sheep not to see blood. The sheep that kills with this kind of method won't bleed in great quantities, its flesh is goluptious all the more. (3) decorticate need not knife. (3) bake make. Need not decorticate after ovine butcher, hang the foreleg first step aside chamber, take the five internal organs and enter the water, abluent thorax, celiac, iron with boiled water next go abb, wash sheepskin of clean whole body with buck. All sorts of spice are put inside ovine thorax, limb up, ovine back is gadarene, turn over trice to come with iron chain, put heat inside roast. Oven is tailor-made appropriative, become with bricky build by laying bricks or stones, form dome cottage, call the Chai He of sacsaoul with a kind first, will burn inside furnace red, remove fuel, will complete sheep as string of 1 from the day window of oven, close scuttle and furnace door, use the high temperature inside furnace, reach hotpot bright half ripe, open furnace door again, use ladle by chef, the fire of bavin of the sacsaoul on dip piece, undertake baking broil to ovine body, till till the sheep the whole body bakes brown color. With this kind slow fire bakes broil, the spice flavour that can make ovine abdomen medium permeates Yu Yang gradually in the flesh, can make hotpot squashy at the same time. (4) put. Through 4, the high temperature condole of 5 hours is baked, bake complete sheep to be able to give heat. Bake complete sheep to require 18 process. Just gave heat bake complete sheep, want to pass plastic and adornment one time. Carry the sheep to a big trencher, make its foreleg bends over, the hind leg bends, crouch lie in dish in the center of, leaf of a few green dish is put in ovine mouth, just like is in eat grass. One red silken tape is fastened on the neck in order to show grand. This kind bakes hotpot, taste crisp is sweet tender, fat and not be bored with, be different from the hotpot that fastens kind of method make it to taste at all. Had sampled this kind bakes complete sheep, tine buccal for a long time stays sweet, lifelong and unforgettable.
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