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Huhhot / hope to pull Mu Ren prairie / noisy Sha Wan / into Jisaihan hill swims
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D1: Receive a group. After dinner, enter a public house.

D2: After breakfast, pull Mu Ren prairie by Che Fuxi. Lunch (contain a hand to gather up hotpot) hind, prairie activity: Watch the tumble of ethical characteristic, horse race to perform; Equestrian (provide for oneself) rambling prairie, experience the ethical amorous feelings on horseback; Visit herdsman home, sample grandma food, know the life of prairie the Monggol nationality; Hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to Ao Bao to wait. The highest ceremony that the Monggol nationality holds between dinner banquet, propose a toast ceremony, eat hind watchs ethical song and dance. Appreciation prairie dim light of night, all over the sky star. Nocturnal old yurt

D3: Watch prairie sunrise early, after breakfast, return Huhhot by the car, plant of things of people of temple of clear gentleman grave, big call together, museum, Meng Liang is visited inside city, dinner hind enters a public house.

D4: After breakfast, go to magical library cloth neat desert by the car, the 2nd great river of China of by way of, the Yellow River, overlook Yellow River. Lunch of noisy sanded bay, multiply a camel at one's own expenses afternoon, slip by slide scene of big desert of desert of sanded, ramble, view, the Er that go to another name for Hubei province is much this city dinner. Stay in city of another name for Hubei province

D5: After breakfast, go to Ji Saihan cemetery to go sightseeing by the car, know the life of generation day arrogant. Return lunch of city of another name for Hubei province, return Huhhot afternoon, after dinner, live Huhhot.

D6: After breakfast, send the airport, the end is happy and itinerary.

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