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A Ershan, llano of Hu Lunbei Er, the tooth overcomes stone 5 days to swim
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Journey kilometer The sea pulls Er, 54 kilometers, llano of Hu Lunbei Er (breathe out and area of Nuo Er scene) Hailaer, 360 kilometers, Aershanhailaer, 98 kilometersJourney characteristic 1.The tourist attraction arranges the route: A Ershan, llano of Hu Lunbei Er, area of 3 great respect does not miss tooth Ke Shi. 2. Photograph to go to the lavatory, be in on the way scene is so beautiful that scene the place all has enough time to undertake photography. 3. A kind of hotel of accommodation place or have characteristic public house, not old hostel, tent, frame house. With the costly group that business affairs car gives priority to. 4. Can in llano of Hu Lunbei Er night lodges for the night 5. Licence of travel of travel agent of stone of eaves of Hu Lunbei Er date: L- NMG-GN00334(country) of a kind of company, character has assure. We are in all the time overturn low qualitative travel, make special travel character. 6. Give receive freely send a station. Give breakfast 7. Shop:  spruce big-eared fears Pu  ? having shopping activity, managing and many time is visited scene area and on the way scene, when attending groovy low group to enter shopping store, you can choose not to shop, but you had not thought again, the travel mood that can affect you then and crowded take your valuable travel time, you still must face a tourist guide many at one's own expenses mobile pressure. Journey content The first day: Hailaer / distance of prairie of Hu Lunbei Er: 1 hour controls: Shellfish Er hotel or with class accurate SamSung breathes out and Nuo Er prairie is in banner of tiger of Er of Chen Ba of alliance of Hu Lunbei Er, be apart from the sea to pull Er city to make an appointment with 54 kilometers, multiply a car to go along north of 301 nations line from Hailaer, the car passes government office of division of division of tiger of Chen Ba Er Ren Zhenxi of Ba Yan library goes 10 kilometers, like a bright mirror laky the eye that rushs into you, this breathes out namely and Nuo Er lake, on the hillock of lake Xi'an, the yurt that one gives priority to composition by yurt tall building group, open as holy white lotus in green wild on, this is welcome visitor of China and foreign countries breathe out and dot of Nuo Er travel, also be to breathe out in recent years the assembly room place of section of alliance prairie travel and Nadam Fair. After arriving at, highest the Monggol nationality is received formal - discontinue wine, still can visit herd door, sacred Ao Bao at one's own expenses, sample milk products, move ethical dress takes a picture, equestrian. Dinner samples gust of the Monggol nationality - handgrip flesh (free) , return between banquet but at one's own expenses girl of the Monggol nationality dedicates a song, propose a toast, display hada. . Watch prairie sunset late, prairie sky; Attend bonfire of prairie open air the evening party (free)
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