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Tower of Hu Lunbei Er, Russia bare is panoramic 7 days swim
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D1 arrives at prairie of metropolis of Hu Beier city -- Hailaer. Suhai pulls Er

D2 goes to prairie hinterland by the car -- Mongolia of golden account sweat is tribal
On the way the flocks and herds of the prairie group of stretch to the horizon, but free drove photographs.
The greeting ceremony of ethical tradition, discontinue wine; Concept is old abandon praise for the world the Mo Rige of the first water straps a river.
Come more than 1000 years the rich and mysterious colorific that still continues on the prairie is sacred activity -- the Ao Bao that do obeisance to hold a memorial ceremony for;
Prairie characteristic gust -- the hand gathers up hotpot, but at one's own expenses equestrian roam llano (50 yuan / be equal to hour) .
Go to China's biggest overland port - full continent in city is old:  Fan?

D3 is full continent in T649(18:3 of Si Ke of the Bei Jiaer after BUS/7/05:2Sleeper of old train of 8)/ bare tower
In the morning, swing, change the ruble preparation before leaving the country. 13:30 full continent in highway port leaves the country, the shellfish after Russia
Jiaersike presses down dinner, head for bare by train seat of tower continent government - bare tower (500 kilometers distance makes an appointment with 11 hours of) .

Guesthouse of old Panama of D4 bare tower
05:28 reach bare tower city, breakfast hind visits by the car: Heart  angries shovel of  of Jin of actinium of ┪ of twinkling of orange of busy of ⑹   reef ╊ 
Tower city panorama, virgin forest is gone to to taste after lunch " Moluokefuka " natural mineral water, visit Russia civilian house, return
Urban dinner. Russia song and dance is viewed and admire between banquet, also can go to wrestle colour club small try luck (at one's own expenses) .

D5 T650(18:14/05:4City of 4) bare tower / hind Beijiaersike is old train sleeper
08:00 breakfast, visit the appearance of a city by the car: だ   ah altar of  of Jin of actinium of ┪ of ⒕  captive " yttrium of Hao Gong rapid punishs?7:00 dinner,
18:1The 4 shellfish after be being returned by 650 train add Er Si Ke.

/ of BUS of Si Ke of the Bei Jiaer after D6 is full continent in
06:4The 4 shellfish after touching add Er Si Ke, platoon of change car port closes, return before lunch full continent in, the country is entered after eat the door,
Look down at the shellfish after Russian · adds Er Si Ke, boundary tablet take a photo as a souvenir; In division of trade of city of Russian each other, return Hailaer. Old: Hailaer
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