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Naked oats of Http://www.gogocn.com out (formal name is oaten) , the flour of its wear calls You the face. Naked oats is a kind of autumn short, cold-resistant, be able to bear or endure the low yield crop with alkaline salt. Although crop is low, but contain high protein, adipose wait for a variety of microelement with a large number of iron, calcic, phosphor. Be in early period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, one belt has Huhhot the farmer cultivates naked oats. To clear acting initial stage large already area cultivates, enjoy " the world of armour of naked oats of the Yinshan Mountains " good name. Still be the good staple food of local people now. Method of naked oats treatment is special. Should clean out naked oats first when treatment clean, stir-fry before stewing of the boiler on air hind is fried. Fry ripe hind go up again grind treatment to become an area. Of folk have a way quite much, the fish of fish having rub, nest that promote a shelter, roll store up store up, agitate takes the cake, broken bits that grind dig, fry dummy to wait a moment. Have a way variedly. When eating, can differ by the taste of each one and seasonal different spice with boiling water of food of hotpot soup, salt, season vegetable, add Chengdu of a few chili, garlic again, more become aware goluptious, love by local.

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