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Fujian Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces 7 3 jointly build a barrier-free touris
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Construction of barrier-free tourism zone, the Union areas of cooperation into a civilized, safe, healthy and orderly country and the world-renowned quality tourist area. This is before the Central Soviet Red Tourism Alliance (hereinafter "Union"), the second Second joint meeting, the participants in the common consciousness, seven provinces signed the City "co-marketing alliance agreement in 2011." Earlier this year, the National Tourism Administration issued a "preliminary plan of China National Tourist Route", and establish a unified, clear, clear image of the national tourism brand to further strengthen domestic and international sales and marketing information to guide The flow of tourists traveling abroad, to create tourist hot line, hot spots and hot products, a number of new tourist hot spot of consumption, to some extent, change the current pattern of regional tourism development, and highlights a series of new Trends and new features. In the second joint meeting, League Secretary General, Tourism Bureau, LIU Xian Qiu Longyan stressed that the development of the tourism industry to face the new situation and new tasks, the Union according to the "big travel, big market, big industry," the requirements and development of ideas, To establish closer regional cooperation mechanisms and jointly promote the Central Soviet Area tourism brand, gradually achieve one voice, unified standards and offer tours to promote the Central Soviet Area, travel goods, etc., and gradually establish regional Within the tourism fair, competitive good market order, and good co-marketing alliance in 2011, the Central Soviet Union, the second red tourism marketing joint cooperation agreement signed the letter. Co- One of the main platform Union - the Central Soviet Red Travel Network as the basis to strengthen the Union Tourism promotion, the conditions for a pass when it introduced the Travel Card Alliance to provide Union Regional online booking, online ordering, online counseling Consultation, call other functions, provide more convenient travel for the Union, fast and quality service. At the same time, strengthen the alliance between the tourism policy of docking to further break through barriers to tourism development, the League of Red Tourism in collaboration with the Central Soviet Area Area into a civilized, safe, healthy and orderly country and the world-renowned quality tourist area. Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi Soviet Area 7 cities in 3 provinces signed the "2011 Alliance Marketing Cooperation Agreement", the establishment of long-term mechanism of regional cooperation to achieve "regional Baotuan" development, and relying on the Central Soviet Area red travel, publicity and promotion to the National "Cradle of the revolution, leaders hometown" key tourism areas and Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi quality tourist routes to attract tourists all over the country come to Quest Soviet history, cherish the memory of martyrs, visited the Holy Land, tourism, leisure, etc. In an interview with Revolution While traditional education to experience the beautiful scenery, strange customs, a unique travel experience Soviet charm.
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