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Create 5A level scenic spots in town to promote tourism
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Yesterday morning, some deputies visited the city directly under the State 5A class tourist attractions to create the work. City leaders Guqiu Lin, Qiu Jin F, Yin Yongjie, Ruanshun Quan, CHEN Li-An City, the old leadership to participate as representatives of inspections. Representatives have visited the Orchid Pavilion core scenic tour throughout the city and the hometown of Lu Xun and listen to the ancient city of Shaoxing City Tourism Group on a National 5A scenic spots and report the work-class tourist attractions. It is understood that, since 2009 the municipal government to "construction tourism Jingjijiangshi build cultural and leisure city, the development of the city tour" a major decision, the City Tourism Group hometown of Lu Xun, Shen Park, Lanting, East Lake and the Great Yu Ling area as the core area, a National 5A Grade Scenic Spots in Shaoxing city, and strive to 5 years time, will fight the whole ancient city of Shaoxing 5A level scenic spot of national level of international tourist destination city. Currently, the City Tourism Group is the national 5A standards for the control and the "rectification of Shaoxing city created to enhance the program 5A" requirement you may say, go all out to promote the creation of work, has invested 14.93 million yuan this year, the five major scenic hometown of Lu Xun transport, tourism, safety, health, telecommunications, shopping and other aspects of sound optimization, content area to enhance, improve appearance. Representatives of the city in recent years tourism affirmed the achievements made on a "city tour" as the starting point to promote the concept of tourism market building strong appreciation. The deputies said that a National 5A Scenic city-level tourism area is the development of "city tour" on the basis, content area to further enhance and expand the area extension, through the 5A level scenic spots to create the combination with the city tour, a combination of hardware and software the overall aim to create a build with a combination of effective integration of resources. To improve the scenic quality of the same stock and do incremental articles, and set up coordination mechanisms, force of Tourism work together to create. Publicity and promotion of scenic spots should strengthen and build the brand area. To adhere to high standards and strict requirements, attention to detail, highlight the human services, to ensure the 5A class tourist attractions to create success.
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