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Mongolia dog
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Mongolia dog

To Hu Lunbei Er prairie travels, if go to home of herdsman of the Monggol nationality visitting, before entering a yurt, bark furiously gallops and can the dog with a few thick lofty foolish comes all the way, people is unavoidable fear extremely, be born suddenly fear all. Actually, this is the nature of the dog that herdsman home raises, it is the stranger that reporting to be not known in master home. Can come out from the yurt namely after master Wen Sheng, drink a dog, greet the visitor the bag inside.
The devree that the dog on the prairie is herdsman is encircled. Spring, summer, Qiu Yangqun comes loose when letting off night, a few dogs are in separately Yang Qun quadrilateral repose guard, encounter the wolf is stood by, group case attack; Encounter have Yang Qun " scamper group " run a sheep dish, the dog can run to hurried back the sheep.

On prairie of Hu Lunbei Er, circulating a lot of stories about the dog. According to legend, a long time ago, prairie in successive years is troubled by famine due to crop failures, domestic animals group dies, herd the people's livelihood does not have an outlet alive, some is on suicidal blind alley. At this moment, a dog runs on the prairie all the day, the person that discovers commit suicide bars its outlet bark furiously is more than. Until other and pastoral come channel is acedia person, make its return the home in. such, this dog keeps running on the prairie, helped a lot of people. Later, this dog died, people raises herd had more dogs. Long-term since, people has herd the habit that raises a dog. Archaism cloud: "Photograph of gallinaceous dog sound is heard, never in contact with each other " . And the dog on the prairie appears unusually good-tempered however, can as very good as chicken, pig, ox, horse, sheep, camel get along.

Tell according to herdsman, have a year of fall, on the resident dot of herdsman, a wolf is about to eat off a pig that herdsman raises, 3 a dog that sees this is raised only, chicken and a pig unexpectedly group rise and attack; The dog bites the mouth of the wolf, leap of gallinaceous Zhen Chi pecks the eye of the wolf, the pig uses the end of wolf of mouth push without using one's hands, after a fight closely, the wolf that alling over body is an injury was placing a tail to escape. Be in area of hillock of rub of Zun Qi of new Ba Erhu, still circulating life of a big black kennel is saved young advocate story. A year winter, the sweep on the prairie blizzard, young couple puts the son that sleeps soundly 3 years old medium inside the bag, go chasing after expel the Yang Qun that come loose. Wait for day break to return a bag inside when, discover the child disappeared, his home just issued the big black dog that have to also be missing. Far and near searched to also do not see its sign. 3 days went, young mother washs a face urgently with the tear every day, father gets full mouth urgently to bubble. The 4th day in the morning, when a herdsman looks for an ox, discover in clump of fill of a wicker the child and big black dog are in hole of a snow. Child absorb is worn the grandma of big black dog is in soporous, big black dog already was about to die. The message spread fast that the child finds, the people on the prairie comes from far and near, held solemn funeral for big black dog.
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