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The travel that help strength rebuilds Sichuan will be begun assure the service
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Finance, assure after the orgnaization will be calamity of Sichuan travel company, restore to rebuild development helps strength. Recently, save bureau of medium and small businesses and combination of province tourism bureau to issue an announcement, establish a batch of finance, assure orgnaization and travel company, begin travel to assure serve pilot job.

I save travel agent, restaurant to wait for travel industry businessman to face problem of capital have enough to meet need mostly after shake. And travel protects the important step that case assures even if eases pressure of have enough to meet need of travel agent cash, through assuring the orgnaization books room, charter flight, food to wait to travel company with issueing the way that defends case, replace capture of former cash reserve in a bank to put the way of deposit.

As we have learned, the tourism that is about to develop assures business breed protects case to assure besides travel outside, the bank loan that still commodity of travel of company of restaurant of class of travel agent, star, passenger transport, key produces an enterprise to wait assures; The financing of project of travel tourist attraction, travel assures and leave the country travel personal property assures.

Save bureau of medium and small businesses and combination of province tourism bureau to inform to assuring the behavior of the orgnaization also had rigid standard. If the regulation carries insurance cost to be able to borrow money with bank the corresponding period only of standard interest rate 50% drift up and down for the foundation, outside carrying insurance cost except collection, assure the orgnaization is not gotten with any reason again to enterprise collection other any charge.

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