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Section of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia Zhungeer "Yellow River Valley" tou
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Hohhot Oct. 15 (Xinhua Li Yunping) reporter from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Travel Bureau, adjacent to the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia Zhungeer relying on the geographical advantage, the Yellow River valley is building tourist attractions, have started construction of a series of major tourism development projects.
Section of the Yellow River Zhungeer length 197 km, left bank of the Luliang mountains, the northern foot of the right bank of the Loess Plateau, high mountains and deep gorge, the lower reaches of the construction of a large water complex Wanjiazhai that form a unique valley where the landscape, the locals call "The Yellow River Three Gorges."
Relying on the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia Zhungeer Canyon, Kubuqi desert, hilly Soft Rock, Kuei Temple, the original topography and secondary forest and other unique Tibetan Buddhist Temple in the Holy Land Bao Tong, the Millennium pine Wang, Wang Yefu, the ancient Great Wall and other cultural monuments, Yellow River valley is being developed tourist area, Junggar called tourist areas, tourist areas king pine, black ge Laois Bay wetland area and the warm desert tourism eco-tourism area in Sandstone, has started construction of the Yellow Night, cave theme hotel, VIP air, drawing room, crossing ropeway engineering.
To speed up the construction of the Yellow River valley tourist area, the introduction of relevant supporting policies Zhungeer, broaden the channels for foreign capital to expand the scope of concessions, to give businesses more substantial fee waivers to encourage investors to develop resources in a variety of ways, allowing the transfer of management rights area. Fiscal while increasing investment in tourism, flag the financial arrangements for 20 million yuan or more per year tourism development fund for the construction of tourist facilities, scenic planning, brand marketing and other expenses.

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