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A Si breaths out graph stone forest
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Again impenetrable stone, not be tough before years, because evolve geologically,they are met, because wind blows rain to hit,meet, can change their pattern because of vulture engrave of the mankind, those who present moving heart soul is gallant and elegant. Saw the superlative craftsmanship of stone of different of strange hill of all over the country, we can understand Chinese culture to let the powerful vitality of very persuasive.

A Si breaths out casting of snow of wind of graph stone forest

3 million years, to the mankind be mysterious distant, but breath out graph stone forest to A Si for, it is groan of years of vicissitudes of life nevertheless. The colour of sky when breathing out graph stone forest to A Si is close already crepuscular, sunshine shows red, dozen be in like multi-layer steamed bread on granite stone forest, that is the hour with the greenest and gorgeous stone.

Head of commonly used granite comes to people appearance by rule person, however, at the moment the granite rock with these much colorful appearance is apparent not stubborn in the extreme. Become an occurrence stone forest to be just as wall of ancient castle incomplete to break a wall, cliff seams li of branches and leaves that extend Hao willow or pricks a plum, swaying of life castiron; The stone forest that becomes post independently likes dissocial child, with white birch of likewise dissocial a few individual plant the tree is adjacent, get all the more on wild blossomy sloping field of cool breeze fondly.

In Mongolia language, a Si breaths out graph meaning namely arduous rock. I cross alone shake at shaking desire the Shi Hangzhong of bend, insignificant and lonely, but my fancy is infinite however outspread, as if all stone lived to rise, or personification or draft content, thinking is busy extremely, camera shutter is busy also extremely. The most magical landscape is " world trade edifice " , the granite flag of palm gray together piece horst rises, layer cascade folds two bordered high-rise, although one day it can collapse, also be again geological changes just.

  Viatic clew 

A Si breaths out graph stone forest to be located in bare peak city to overcome assorted to overcome the churchyard that rise a standard, be apart from governmental seat to press down 108 kilometers via canopy, road condition is at present bad, had better take cross-country car to head for. Beijing comes Chi Feng is weekly one, 2, 3, 6 have an airliner to go there and back; Railroad, highway is daily all the car arrives directly at Chi Feng from Beijing.

Bahrain stone is inherent and coquettish

A Si breaths out the classic that graph stone forest is glacier of the Quaternary Period 3 million years ago. And arrived Bahrain west division, face glowed Bahrain stone, local tells me this unexpectedly is the 100 million many Jurassic Period year ago the child that terminal volcano moves. Think of these in Bahrain placing right standard is old the stone on booth of fall market ground ever followed board town Cha Ganmu mutual look into the distance crosses dinosaurian, archaeopteryx, can'ted help feeling a few more. According to history record, what evaluate the earliest to Bahrain rock height is Cheng Jisai sweat, when he carries bowl of stone of a Bahrain, can'ted help highly praising: "Be god-given stone really! " the Bahraini has regarded character of jade of this gold mouth as nowadays advertisement word.
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