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Dam of rarely of Jing fetch a place of strategic importance
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Last year in August, before one pedestrian drives oneself, we are gone to field of charger of red hill of dam of rarely of a place of strategic importance. As the vanguard, we shift to an earlier date one day to set out. Come to destination towards evening, a lot of places already repletion, but be forced and go and search. " doubt of at the end of one's resources does not have a road " when, "Promising another village " , accident ground found the Beijing military region that just had built guesthouse of field of red hill charger.

The following day, when waiting for greater part team to come, we stroll to go up in the prairie, leaving on the prairie of stretch to the horizon mixed bright-coloured wild flower, collected a big to take in the hand, and song and row. Climb grave of a hill, sit down go to bed. Blast wind has blown a hill, suck greatly at a heat, the prairie breath refreshing with pure and fresh continuously. Overlook of look as far as one can, blue sky white cloud, green grass is blue, ma Er is in leisurely browse, good a Tian Yuan is idyllic, be unable to bear or endure sing: "Ethereal white cloud of La La waves, ma Er runs below Bai Yun " . Far is the small hill of as one falls, that soft line and colour, let a person upsurge from the bottom of the heart tender feelings of a silk.

Greater part group came, a we are busy wild flower that has collected before plugging car window, there is a bride on festooned vehicle regrettablly.

Come " hero ejaculation vulture is passed " exterior ground is equestrian, the by ones and twos on insight is scattering the chariot of a few ancient time, can envisage in those days " a symbol of war, gas swallows 10 thousand lis to be like a tiger " brave occasion. The Martha because of the village by " hero ejaculation vulture is passed " play staff commandeer, we are short of two horses, I all along " what will fall the day after tomorrow is happy and happy " , be forced to leave coarse villager to look for a horse. Differ meeting, the villager brought a mare and a pony (the child of mare) . I ride the travel before mare hesitates, can see the sign of greater part team far. I advocate all along free, also give a horse sufficient freedom, before making it optional, go. Begin a horse to return conscientiously ground to go forth, the pony is all round mom run to run, special happy and pleased with oneself. Can go to walking along a horse to turn back persistently, it wants to come home. I see time not early already, let a horse turn back. I think " an old hand is a good guide " , make it free run. I and big unit run in the opposite direction, the distance is further and further. Going with respect to deviate the highroad, begin me to believe a horse very much, make it follow one's inclinations, discover we walked along insignificant not to have the place of traces of human presence slowly, it is all round a hill grave, tree is increasing also, the horse is gotten in the woods on persistently past hill. Bai Hua tree is very dense, my horseback is entered absolutely do not go. At this moment I just suddenly be enlightened, experience bad harbour intentions of the horse. It wants to let me be hanged on the tree, fall from its body. "Why " , I use bridle of systemic effort curb, the horse stopped temporarily, I let it turn back, its anyway does not work, place turns circle. It is good to used a tremedous effort let it not easily leave the woods.
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