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Hill of graph of auspicious Hu Lun
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The pride of the morning is like water, the car is between low mountain range before row, side with green hill in before row, perhaps be to be below the impel of a kind of dim force, the dust that the car has controlled ases if to become light clever, I am low head silent reads aloud, hill of graph of auspicious Hu Lun can feel my arrival; I am silent also noise made in coughing or vomiting of illusion an administrative unit in Xizang cling to the arrival that Great Master and numerous Budda can feel me, because, my devotional to them in dust pray longs for.

5 when call together, I am yearning a too long place, before thinking 300 years, here willow dancing, just can have unconscious name " 5 when " name, and " call together " the meaning that temple is in unconscious language, but I prefer to conceal the name of language, "Badagele " , white lotus, mention this name, no matter the lama masters of unconscious, Tibet all is witting, and advocate Buddhist Qianlong emperor was again 1756 5 name when call together " wide become aware temple " , perhaps accordingly, more because of this cloister the clear calm of 300 is repaired, the boldness of vision of 2500 buildings, it, become Cang Chuanfo to teach those who cheat inside a the most important cloister.

In such early morning, nobody are disturbed, perhaps, go pay homage to such static a person's mind is the hour that can appreciate Na Duolian to spend marrow most.

A fokelore and a kind of desire

Below sunshine, hill of graph of auspicious Hu Lun is twinkling the ray like gold, in such ray, 5 is having white color when the building of call together, scatter in the valley like white lotus, go before I am slow, pick up step by step rank and on, suddenly, do not know which Daomenli to transmit deep and serene Song classics sound, perhaps, this also is a kind of perception!

About 5 when call together found the view that has a lot of differring, each are taking people the best wish and expect. Day of music of flourishing of case of A of according to legend not learns Buddha to take advanced courses from Tibet return, hair wish to build a temple, then, he guides two prentice swim Na Lu of the Yinshan Mountains, search the place that builds temple. A day, colour of sky is dusk, shi Tusan's person is both hungry and thirsty, sleep below foot of the Yinshan Mountains, day of music of A case flourishing not sees a temple in sleep, draw near according to hill water, very resemble Lhasa the Potala Palace. After awaking, he mixes two prentice and northerly search, suddenly in the course that seek an eagle paid his tag, the following day the label that he discovers himself however is being hanged on a tree, at this moment, he touchs the pannikin of the tea with milk that boil not carefully break up, the miracle appeared: The grandma on the ground becomes a blooming Bai Lian is beautiful, then he decides to build temple here, allegedly, "Badagele " the name also results from this.

Fokelore is the will with a kind of the best people, also taking a kind to the history more or less change, mongolia area in distant, gold two generation begin to circulate Buddhist, from yuan era begins Tibet of progressively believe in to pass buddhism. Into Jisaihandi 3 child when nest broad stage is in office, because Tibetan Lamaism chieftain was Mongolia kubla khah to give many power, by honour the division that it is a country and division of the Supreme Being, then ancestor noise made in coughing or vomiting cling to the Gelupa that the Great Master founds (Huang Jiao) begin flourishing since, arrived later bright middle period, sansei amounts to Lai Ye to promote Gelupa in Mongolia highland, at a draught, gelupa becomes the religion with consistent and devotional the Monggol nationality, till quiet day, this kind of spirit and belief never had been changed, royalty still built many Lamaism temple, 5 when call together it is important one part, original name temple of Ba Daga Er, only then built 1749 (Qing Qianlong 14 years of) , by generation Living Buddha Luo Busang is added pull a fault according to the design that brings back from Tibet, personally choose ground, this ability had this to manage the land of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of person day coexist.
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