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Meng You is written down inside
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Year is off began again, qingdao these days as it happens holds beer part, foreigner comes in great numbers, the person on the street is completely suffer from, the practice that go vacationing goes out during then I also learn Athenian person to be met in the Olympic Games, clear away good travelling bag, begin to plan go vacationing destination.

Be opposite early Mongolia prairie is admired in the heart long already, write down so that be obsessed with in days whole in one's childhood at Jin Daxia " hero ejaculation vulture is passed " ; Be infatuated with the prairie at that stretch to the horizon; Be charmed that day grey, wild boundless and indistinct imperial order straps a song; Agitate at that " do not call introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Ma Du the Yinshan Mountains " the lofty quality of flying general. Feel an upsurge of emotion, the brother that thinks of times of a high school again is read in Huhhot grind, early with respect to again and again let me taking beautiful eyebrow to arrive inside unconscious eat hotpot, then resolved, equipment sufficient silver, get ready set out.

Qingdao did not arrive breathe out the nonstop train of city, be forced to transfer to Beijing. Of the train that goes to Beijing considering a few times mix to station time go to from Beijing hair breathe out the time of city train, take T196 most appropriate, sent a car from Qingdao more at 18 o'clock about, morrow at 5 o'clock 50 reach Beijing station. Hard fare is controlled in 130 yuan about (because oneself were not bought sit ticket, escape all the time the ticket just is discovered to Zi rich) .

Spent provoking slowly long night, arrived at Beijing eventually. After getting off, buy to hall of carry out ticket directly arrived that day breathe out the ticket of city, general K89 (Beijing on the west, Huhhot) ticket (hard 92 yuan) better buy (sent a car at 21 o'clock) , and T263 second (Ning Bo, Baotou) it is pass by car (sent a car at 20 o'clock) , ticket source is quite nervous. After ticket of try to win sb's favor, still have full one diurnal time is OK and prodigal, I exist bag bag small cloakroom (6 yuan / day) , turn to and other places of well of king government office, Tian An Men, Xidan by the subway. Business street of well of king government office has a dog to neglect store of steamed stuffed bun, quite delicious, absolutely and authentic, one drawer steamed stuffed bun is in 8-15 yuan between, congee is free. Chairman Mao memorial hall is free, but visiting person is many, and put a bag to be returned so that make money. Fare of a tower over a city gate of Tian An Men 15 yuan (the soldier is free) , do not have much big meaning. Crossed end door to be able to see the soldiers of ensign class are training, OK still group photo Oh! Although arrive,cross Beijing N second, but every time door square always has Lai Tianan to be experienced differently. I think this is the cause of the capital after all.

Reach Beijing west station by the bus afternoon, here order is quite random, stand clean without Beijing, and thief is very much, want to add caution more. Controlled partly at 8 o'clock in the evening can get on a car, the car attendant on this time of train is Mongolia attire completely, walk into railroad car, seat is grass green, seating is white, railroad car wall and ceiling are sky-blue, feeling letting a person is very cozy, the elephant was to had arrived prairie. Car of punctual at 21 o'clock hair, morrow at 7 o'clock 20 arrive breathe out city.
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